Thank you for your interest in Functional Medicine...Due to my current extensive waitlist, I will not be accepting new patient requests at this time. I will re-open new patient requests once I have addressed the needs of those patients on the current wait list.

Another busy (and hot!!) summer has passed and my daughters are back to school, heading into 2nd and 5th grade. We made it! Kelley and I are working on the schedule and I want to update you as we go forward.
As I preach, so will I practice. Being a solo parent in our home and a solo physician in the practice challenges me every day. School drop off, patient appointments, portal responses, lab results, carpool pick up, homework, dinner…..It is a marathon made up of a bunch of sprints. But in order to lead by example, I continue to seek balance in serving all needs but acknowledging that I am just one woman doing the work that I feel is my calling, honoring my obligations and commitments as a Mum, and recognizing the impact on my health and wellness. I’m not where I want to be but I’m far from where I once was. We are healing as a family, as a practice, and I am growing in strength, health, and peace, as the leader of both.
I thank you for your grace, always, as Kelley and I find a routine that works for all of you and me.  I’m in the office on Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday. Virtual appointments are still available, as well. This “new normal” feels like I’m failing you and my children as I break the pattern of overwork and self-sacrifice that never leads to health or happiness. Your feedback is welcomed, whether positive or negative, so that I may continue to find balance for all of us.
With deep gratitude for entrusting me as your physician and supporting me as a person,