Thank you for your interest in Functional Medicine...Due to my current extensive waitlist, I will not be accepting new patient requests at this time. I will re-open new patient requests once I have addressed the needs of those patients on the current wait list.

We are currently seeing a significant increase in the number of patients with COVID-19. Clinically, these patients are much more ill than with any prior strain including the initial wave. Some would mistake symptoms for bad allergies while others are extremely ill with respiratory complications. Please, take good care of yourselves and avoid contact with the elderly, newborn, or immune compromised if you are feeling unwell.

Support your immune system both at baseline and then increase support during acute illness. Below is the regimen I recommend for patients, adults who are not patients and may not know their lab values or immune status, and for children.

Immune Support For Patients During Acute Viral Illness

NAC (Xymogen): 600 mg twice daily starting now, increase to three times daily for the first 3 days of symptoms then decrease to 1 twice daily throughout times of high viral activity or being in large crowds / closed spaces.

**NAC has been proven to decrease symptoms, shorten duration, and attenuate the lung-related complications of flu! If you work with children, are in regular contact with children who attend daycare or school….you should stay on this throughout the school year to decrease viral infections.

Vitamin C  (Xymogen BioC 1:1): Increase to as high as 12 grams/day in pided doses for 3 days during acute illness then back down to maintenance of 1 gram once or twice daily, as tolerated. EmergenC is fine if that is all you have. (It is also a much easier version to get children to take as it is like a fizzy drink.)

** high dose vitamin C causes loose stool! Increase to what you can tolerate and if you already struggle with diarrhea, be careful

Vitamin D: (K2D3 Xymogen 5000IU or 10000IU): 20,000-50,000 IU daily for 3 days during acute illness then back down to 5000I U daily (or your usual daily maintenance dose)

Zinc (Zinc glycinate by Xymogen or Zinc Pro by Nutri-Dyn):  2 caps twice daily during acute illness then down to maintenance dose if you take it regularly or stop if you do not currently take supplemental zinc.

**high dose zinc can cause nausea

Nerv-Eze (Nutri-Dyn): 2 capsules three times daily during acute illness

Omega-3 Fatty Acids (Monopure 1300EC by Xymogen or OmegaGenics EPA-DHA 720 by Metagenics): be consistent with the dose and form you use (AT LEAST 1 gram daily of EPA/DHA)

ImmunoTix (Xymogen): 500mg twice daily on empty stomach during acute illness

Probiotic: Double up on your maintenance dose during acute illness then return to daily maintenance

Micro-Eze(Nutri-Dyn): 1-2 capsules three times daily on empty stomach during acute illness

FOR ADULTS NOT ON DAILY NUTRITIONAL SUPPORT:  for family, friends who do not have knowledge of their zinc, vitamin D, or immune status I recommend Immune Support by NutriDyn at 3 capsules daily at onset of symptoms and for a full week then down to 1 capsule daily.

Especially for Children (ages 4 and up)

We can also recommend items in Wholescripts and Fullscripts to make online ordering easier.

Natranix(Springboard by OrthoMolecular): this is fantastic for cough and immune support in kids! KEEP THIS IN YOUR MEDICINE CABINET for cough due to allergy/illness. It’s that good.

D-Hist Jr (OrthoMolecular): 4-8 years: 1 chewable daily, 8-12 years: 2 chewable daily

Vitamin D3 2000-5000 IU (K2D3 by Xymogen for those who swallow capsules or Liquid D3 with K3 by Ortho Molecular): either give 2000 IU daily during the first three days of symptoms if your child does NOT already take any vitamin D or triple the daily dose of their current vitamin D for the first three days of symptoms and then down to their daily dose.

Vitamin C: at least 500mg twice daily. (1/2 of EmergenC packet or a chewable appropriately dosed)

Omegas (Monopure 650EC by Xymogen or ProOmega Jr 2000 by Nordic Naturals for those kiddos that can swallow capsules, Omega 3 Seriously Delicious (Barleans) in awesome flavors for those that prefer a liquid, or Nordic Fishies (Nordic Naturals) for gummies: dose to 1 gram total of EPA and DHA for the first 3 days of symptoms then back down to usual daily dose.

Zinc (lozenges by Douglas Labs or Liquid Organic Ionic Zinc by MaryRuth’s): dose 10 – 15mg twice daily during acute illness then down to 10 – 15mg once daily until symptoms are gone.

Probiotics (TherBiotic Kids Chewable by Klaire Labs, ProBioMax Complete if they can swallow capsules): Maintain on a daily probiotic for immune support.