Thank you for your interest in Functional Medicine...Due to my current extensive waitlist, I will not be accepting new patient requests at this time. I will re-open new patient requests once I have addressed the needs of those patients on the current wait list.

Our Philosophy

As healthcare has shifted further toward treatment of symptoms, it is long overdue for more holistic-minded physicians to provide person-centered care and serve as an advocate for patients on their journey toward whole health.

Our practice was founded after a long search to find a doctor that did things differently; the kind of doctor who listened, one who recognized each patient as more than a diagnosis and was willing to offer more than a prescription as treatment. Healthcare decisions are personal and should be based on a thorough discussion with a qualified medical professional who is your partner, who hears your concerns, identifies you as the unique sum of your genetic variability and lifetime exposures, and answers your questions with honesty and integrity. Here in our offices, that’s what you’ll find. Tricia J. O’Brien, MD’s mission is to provide personalized, high-quality care with a servant heart. Dr. O’Brien’s distinctive education and training lends her the ability to manage your acute illness or help you to unravel complex health issues through a Functional Medicine approach.

As a Functional Medicine doctor, Dr. O’Brien brings all of the scientific evidence-based research and training from years in medical school and adds what’s been missing for far too long: HUMANITY.

Ready to start your journey to whole health? We'd love to partner with you!