Thank you for your interest in Functional Medicine...Due to my current extensive waitlist, I will not be accepting new patient requests at this time. I will re-open new patient requests once I have addressed the needs of those patients on the current wait list.

What to Expect

Our practice is patient-centered and patient-driven. By establishing a relationship of partnership, we walk toward your health goals at your pace. The most successful patients are ready to be the change they want to see in their health by addressing nutrition, stress, relationships, sleep, and exercise to the best of their ability.

Visits & Fees


We decided in the beginning to focus on patient relationships rather than insurance requirements. Therefore, our office is out of network for all insurance carriers.

We will provide each patient with a receipt that is called a “superbill” by the insurance industry. You can submit this superbill to your particular insurance carrier and, in most cases, there is some benefit available to you for out-of-network care. (Important exceptions are Medicare and Medicaid for which we are NOT a contracted provider and you are NOT eligible for reimbursement.)

It is the patient’s responsibility to know how the details of their insurance plan and to submit the superbill. Payment is expected at the time of your visit.

Laboratory Services

As part of your healing plan, Dr O’Brien may order laboratory studies to further identify causes of your illness, discover genetic predispositions, or to evaluate your response to therapy you are already receiving.

Whenever possible, billing for these studies will be done by the particular lab and submitted to your insurance carrier. Be sure to check with your insurer before your visit so you are aware of what your particular plan covers and requires.

Unlike with most doctor’s visits, Dr O’Brien will follow up with you personally to interpret your results and collaborate with you to create a care plan that continues to put you in charge of your health. Every step of the way, to our office you are a partner and friend.

Ready to start your journey to whole health? We'd love to partner with you!